IDEAS For Us | March 17, 2014

“This is the Hive” premiere is a SUCCESS!

This past Friday, I was fortunate to host a private screening of “This is the Hive” at the Gallery at Avalon Island in beautiful Downtown Orlando. The film features the work of IDEAS leaders in Central Florida over the past year working to take action and increase environmental awareness through the community initiative, the Hive.


The evening began with several community leaders mingling to music by the solar-powered DJ, Chill Will with appetizers and drinks provided by B3 Cafe, Dandelion Communitea, RAW Juicing and Detox, and Whole Foods Market.


Not long afterwards, everyone was ushered upstairs to the private theater where I took the stage to introduce our keynote speaker of the evening, Dr. Penelope Canan. Dr. Canan is an environmental sociologist, the author of many books, and one of the reasons that IDEAS exist. Speaking on the environmental movement and the Millenial generation, Dr. Canan pointed out how the exuberance of IDEAS founders Chris Castro and Hank Harding led for them to establish the IDEAS movement using a model that they had learned as students in her class at the University of Central Florida in 2008.


As IDEAS chapters began popping up in schools all across the country (and eventually, the world), the leaders here in Orlando wanted to develop cross-pollination of ideas between different chapters within this community, then voila! … the Hive was born.

After the good doctor’s speech, I brought on IDEAS Executive Director, Clayton Ferrara, who spoke very passionately on the importance of collective action and sharing best practices amongst all ages and disciplinaries. And then without further adieu… “This is the Hive”


The 35-minute film broke down all the work of the Hive in the past year into what IDEAS refers to as “The Five Pillars of Sustainability”…. Ecology, Food, Waste, Energy, and Water. A different pillar was tackled every 2 months and included an educational portion, a way to engage our leaders as well as the community on the awareness aspect and an action project, a way to create a realistic solution to the problem within that pillar.

After the film, a short panel discussion was conducted with the lead organizers of the Hive. (Castro, Ferrara, Ashley Isabell, Jeff Trapani, Karine Guilbert, Carrie Hubbel, and myself)

The evening concluded with a raffling of items donated by our friends at Ethos Vegan Kitchen, First Green Bank, and the Post Carbon Institute.

– Ricardo Williams
IDEAS for Us

Watch the trailer for THIS IS THE HIVE below.


This is the Hive

Director/Producer/Editor – Karine Guilbert
Composer – Ricardo Williams
Graphic Design – Stephanie Wrong

The Hive Orlando organizers
Chris Castro
Clayton Ferrara
Karine Guilbert
Carrie Hubbel
Ashley Isabell
Jeff Trapani
Ricardo Williams