IDEAS For Us | January 29, 2015

The Hive Orlando Focus in on Florida’s Water.

On January 7, The Hive Orlando held their first meeting of the year with a focus on Florida’s water. The event began what will be a 3-month period of learning more about the Florida Water and Land Legacy amendment, Florida wetlands, and helping to plan another Aquatic Planting Day.

Mark Sees, the Director of the Orlando Wetlands Park, (seen below) joined the group to share some info on wetlands and the importance of Florida’s water.

[youtube id=”5e4zi3okqjM” width=”933″ height=”768″ autoplay=”no”]
Their next meetup will be Wednesday, February 4th. The evening will mark the 2-year anniversary since the Hive Orlando’s inception and feature a special panel discussion from different experts (including Eric Rollings and Zachary Marimon) to discuss the issue of water quality.

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Also, on February 13th, the group will be venturing to the Orlando Wetlands Park for a chance to take a behind-the-scenes tour. All are welcome, but spots are limited to 30 people. To RSVP, please email you name and phone number to [email protected]

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