IDEAS For Us | April 4, 2014

The Founder of AMP Brings IDEAS to Hawaii

Aloha IDEAS Family!

My name is Jonathan Fritzler and I am a dedicated environmental activist and entrepreneur in Hawaii. As the founder of Aloha Movement Project (AMP) 501c3 I was able to attend the World Youth Congress in 2011 which is when I met Chris Castro! I was able to share my vision for a of how Music, Art, and Creative Expression can be a tool to perpetuate and promote sustainability through our education system, and it was obvious that IDEAS and AMP were a solid team.

My goal with bringing IDEAS to Hawaii is to first off get IDEAS exposure in the Pacific! I hope to share the movement with students and community members on our islands and also to find students who are interested in starting chapters in their schools.

IDEAS Hawaii1

I also hope to share the AMP Event Production Model with the IDEAS community and assist students in producing collaborative arts events on their campus. AMP has hosted over 50 arts events here in Hawaii and with our national chapters and partners across the US. It is a powerful experience to see student artists, musicians, and organizations come together on a shared platform to create an experience of the arts!

Our organization is actively involved with the student communities here in Hawaii and in the photo above you can see a group of students who attended the University of Hawaii Sustainability Summit for Higher Education where I was able to share IDEAS with various student groups for the first time! It was an epic way to kick off IDEAS for Hawaii!


If you are interested in hosting an AMP event on your campus, reach out to me at [email protected]

Our team is committed to serving students who are on a like minded mission to create a more sustainable planet through triple bottom line business models that serve our planets ecosystems.

– Jonathan Fritzler
Founder of Aloha Movement Project