IDEAS For Us | December 22, 2014

The Commons of Trash Cleaning

rsz_1090931_561350227255202_500386074_oHave you seen any other living thing on earth, besides humans, make trash? It doesn’t happen outside of us. Animals are dandy doing there own thing, yet whatever they discard has a significance in the ecology around them. Otters eat clams, which make the foundation of reefs. Earthworms do their duty all day/night.

I don’t even need to remind you – it’s there. Everywhere. You and I are constantly reminded about trash. It just *stays* there, hoping to catch our eye as we drive down the street, ride our bikes *I feel you fellow cyclists*, or even walk in the park. You know it, I know it, everyone has noticed trash everywhere we humans go.

For those who want to volunteer (and get accredited by us), cleanups are a good defense for our natural resources. This is something an individual can do and/ or an entire chapter can do. Removing useless materials from the environment will strengthen the plants and animals that use the land. It also looks healthier.

Let’s talk about the common stuff. Have you ever wondered what the common piece of trash is? It strangely makes you think of a multiple items, but not one in particular. In America, it’s fast food packaging. This obviously spans the burger places, but also includes candy wrappers and chips. The overwhelming amount of trash comes from fast food. I don’t have any studies to reference, other than my own 5 years of “casually involved” trash cleaning efforts. Who would do a study on trash in the first place? Garbology 101 – people don’t like to pick it up.

Ryan_Harrigan_trash1Next, if you were willing to get involved, you only need a little to start. As my dear friend Sebastian Church stated, “There is always a bag” – most of the time you don’t need a garbage bag because there usually is one floating around. Once you get a bag, get a few friends and some garbage pickers. That’s it! You know the rest.

Something special about cleaning up is the local government’s appreciation as well as all of the living things nearby. You might want to send a message out to them to see their reaction. Most of the time, they will commend you or your group’s effort. You will certainly be praised by IDEAS.

Send any/all cleanup events to [email protected] Take a picture!