IDEAS For Us | May 9, 2014

Tessa Schreiner on “IDEAS for USF”


2014 has been a great “green” year for the University of South Florida; we were recently voted one of the top Green Colleges in the country by the Princeton Review, and IDEAS for USF was officially founded at the Tampa campus! Our team is extremely excited about the establishment of the chapter at our school, and we are looking forward to where this journey takes us and the USF community in the future. Our first steps will be to engage a broader range of students from different faculties to get involved with IDEAS, and to plan some cool first projects. Our long term goals will be to create multiple projects and proposals for the university’s Student Green Energy Fund, which has allocated over a million dollars to students’ energy-saving project ideas around campus (it’s also funded by students, which is awesome!). So, while 2014 has been a great year already, the IDEAS for USF team hopes to make USF even greater in the years to come.

– Tessa Schreiner

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