IDEAS For Us | November 4, 2015

Support the CORRECT Petition for Solar in Florida!

As mentioned in a previous post, IDEAS is a part of a grassroots coalition called Floridians for Solar Choice that is working on a ballot initiative to unlock the true solar potential in the Sunshine State.

There are volunteers around the state, that are encouraging Florida voters to sign a petition (printed on white paper) to support this initiative– BUT there is heavily funded opposition by the big utilities. The opposition is circulating a petition (printed on green paper) to try to confuse consumers- DONT SIGN THE GREEN ONE (pictured below)!


PLEASE NOTE: The opposition is called Consumers for Smart Solar and they are trying to confuse you. If you are approached by someone from Consumers for Smart Solar with green petitions, DO NOT SIGN!

UPDATE 11-16-15: The opposition has begun printing their petitions on white paper, so this has made it even more confusing for people. Be aware that the CORRECT petition has the ballot title that reads: “Limits or Prevents Barriers to Local Solar Electricity Supply”

Sign the CORRECT petition for solar in Florida here: