IDEAS For Us | October 28, 2014

Students Launch #GoGreenUCF Social Media Campaign

University of Central Florida students Christina Astore, Angela DeJesus, and Catherine Samarista have recently launched a social media campaign for IDEAS For UCF as a project for their network digital ecologies assignment. The campaign which uses the hashtag #GoGreenUCF encourages a lot of important sustainable practices for the university, including turning in old books for recycling, the reuse of old clothes for other students, and filling up reusable bottles from the water fountains rather than buying single-use plastic bottles.


You never know what’ll happen when you’re saving the planet. #GoGreenUCF #UCF


@UCF’s Bike Share program will get the wheels turning for your next outdoor activity. When was the last time you biked? Head to @UCF Student Union and check them out! #GoGreenUCF


It’s literally as easy as picking up litter. Send us your #recycling pics with #GoGreenUCF to be featured on our page!


Little known fact: walks to the #recycling bin can be very meditative and athletic. It’s all what you make of it. #GoGreenUCF


Put more money in your food budget by unplugging your phone after you’re done. Trust us, it’s worth it. #GoGreenUCF


The world needs more than cat videos and selfies. #Recycle, and sit up a little straighter. You’re a contributing member of society. #GoGreenUCF


Did you know?: @UCF recycles old books! #themoreyouknow #GoGreenUCF


You don’t have to go far to get rid of unwanted clothes: go to #Knights Pantry and help a fellow Knight #GoGreenUCF


The truth is hard to swallow, but we all have the ability to #recycle. #GoGreenUCF


Drop off your empty printer cartridges at @UCF Tech Commons and get that warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment. Mhmm. #GoGreenUCF


Don’t be the equivalent of the guy that posts long statuses on Facebook. #Recycle the right things. #GoGreenUCF


Knights, add another tool to your dating arsenal. Good breath, nice body odor and…recycling aluminum cans? Recycling is your new wing(wo)man. #GoGreenUCF


Dispose of trash appropriately and we’ll all be nicer, better human beings. #GoGreenUCF


Just because there’s no container for it doesn’t mean you can’t #recycle. #GoGreenUCF