IDEAS For Us | November 10, 2012

SSREC: The inherent connection between social & environmental justice

Rally at the Capital. Photo by: IDEAS UCF

Returning to the Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference (SSREC) was as thrilling, inspiring and meaningful experience as the first (which, in all honesty, propelled me into environmental organizing to begin with)… and then some! Many unique aspects of this year’s SSREC reverberated into a realization for this one young organizer that catalyzed the divide between the unattainable then and the ephemeral now: THE POOR, THE MARGINALIZED, AND ALL THOSE REPRESENTED AS “THE OTHER”* ARE AFFECTED DISPROPORTIONATELY BY ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION.

So from this moment, I implore all the members of IDEAS to awaken to a new facet of this movement: the inherent connection between social justice and environmental justice.

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