IDEAS For Us | March 4, 2013

‘Speak Up Wekiva’ Unites Environmental Leaders in Central Florida

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On February 16th, IDEAS leaders in Central Florida united with Senator Bob Graham, Seminole County Commissioner Lee Constantine, the Florida Conservation Coalition, Friends of the Wekiva River, League of Women Voters of Florida, Sierra Club and other environmental orgs to rally at Wekiwa Springs State Park to raise awareness about the need to restore the impaired Wekiva River, the troubled springs that feed it, and all of Florida’s treasured waterways.

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“Water is the lifeblood of Florida,” said Senator Bob Graham (above), a longtime environmental advocate who founded the bipartisan FCC with other conservationists in 2011. “It ties our state together, provides untold recreational opportunities and draws millions of visitors each year to our state, supporting jobs and economic growth. The pollution and usage issues affecting every facet of our water supply are serious and immediate, and we must address them in order to protect our heritage and preserve our quality of life.”

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IDEAS participated in the Tabling Expo at the event to educate others about the Wekiva River Basin and collect signed petitions to reduce fertilizers and TMDL’s for Florida lawns throughout the State. At the end of March 2013, organizations will also be coming back together for the ‘Act Up Wekiva’ event to continue the momentum of raising our voices, and taking action to save one of Florida’s treasurers!