IDEAS For Us | January 23, 2012

Aquaponics Training Programs offered for IDEAS Members

In January 2012, IDEAS For Us partnered with a local urban aquaponics company — Sahib’s Aquaponics — to provide educational tours and professional training programs for students and community members.

Aquaponics is the joint cultivation of fish and plants in a man-made re-circulating ecosystem that allows sustainable natural food growing without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The goal in these workshops is to empower people of all ages to grow their own food naturally, right in your own garden.

Sahib’s training workshops by Aquaponics Urban Guru’s are a wonderful way to learn and gain knowledge and the skills to successfully practice Aquaponics.

For those interested in additional pricing information and Signing up information for the Next Training Program, March 17th & 18th, please email IDEAS at: [email protected]