IDEAS For Us | May 30, 2016

Ryan Harrigan Joins Group to Nepal

Earlier this month, I was unbelievably asked to join IDEAS leaders on a journey to Nepal. It’s amazing how this organization has accomplished so much in such a short time. I’m even more amazed by the worldwide efforts of people joining together – and with such commitment. To me, it seems that IDEAS is on track to become a global leader in addressing sustainability solutions.

Since I have never travelled outside of the country before, Nepal seems to be an outrageously beautiful place to be. It’s hard to imagine landscapes with such elevation changes (86% of the country is mountainous!). There are so many things that I get caught up with wondering. If there had to be one thing that I honestly and truly wanted to do over in Nepal, it would to simply say “Hello” to someone. Anytime I’m able to say that, I would realize how important it is to have this opportunity.

The team has planned a tight schedule with a tight budget. We will focus on hosting community events: talking to people, but mostly listening. We hope that this trip to Nepal will highlight IDEAS For Us’ international presence, show our commitment towards sustainable solutions, and build a stronger bond among IDEAS chapters.

Thank you, IDEAS For Us. I thank IREX for facilitating such global collaboration. Thank you, Santosh, for welcoming us to your country of Nepal. See you soon.