IDEAS For Us | March 6, 2015

Ricardo Williams Writes About “My IDEAS” in the VOICE Magazine

voice-mag_21115“VOICE is a global bi-monthly magazine of the youth, for the youth and by the youth. It is an unbiased untainted perspective of the youth across the world. With 1.2 billion young faces comprising the global “youth bulge”, a platform to give voice to their thoughts and concerns is more than what is needed. VOICE aims to create awareness and engage young people in exploring global issues leading to a search for possible solutions. Through VOICE, the youth can discuss issues and express ideas for a better and promising future.” (Information courtesy of

The theme for the February 11, 2015 issue is “Living Together in One World”, Ricardo Williams contributed an article** to the VOICE magazine about the “My IDEAS” series.

**(Article appears below as printed in the VOICE)

“My IDEAS” Are Ideas For Us, by Ricardo Williams

What can you do? This is a question that I ask myself as an adult quite often. Every day that passes by so many of us are inundated with advertisements to buy things we don’t need juxtaposed with world news that feels too grim to be real. Needless to say, a new day can feel like a new reason to be overwhelmed. So what can we do?

I remember being introduced to the IDEAS movement a few years ago and I immediately thought “this is part of the solution”, but ever since that moment I have continued to ask myself what I can contribute to solve some of these global problems.

Recently I started a video series called “My IDEAS”. Each episode in this on-going series lets environmentalists from around the world give their unique perspective on sustainability while highlighting how they are using their talents, skills, and new ideas to take action on climate change.

The IDEAS movement is fortunate enough to operate in many different countries and among many different cultures. With hundreds of people working tirelessly every day to advance sustainability and increase environmental awareness, there are many great stories to tell. This series is an opportunity to highlight the amazing work done by IDEAS leaders all around the world as well as empowering others by sharing ideas.

In the most recently recent episode of “My IDEAS”, Heather Grove who currently resides as the program coordinator for the IDEAS initiative, “Fleet Farming”, discusses urban agriculture and its impact on healthy living, climate action, and food deserts.

I created this series because being a part of this organization’s staff is a unique privilege and a great responsibility. Sharing the best practices of leaders around the world through film and social media is something I can do to be a part of the solution; because when we’re all living together in this one world, it’s important to remember that my ideas are ideas for us.

-Ricardo Williams, IDEAS For Us, Media Director

You can watch the latest episode of “My IDEAS” here:


UPDATE: The most recent episode of “My IDEAS” is now “Are You Living Sustainably?”. Watch here:

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