IDEAS For Us | May 28, 2014

Ricardo Williams on Why the Hive is the Solution

Everybody has a problem. Whether they’re unhappy with something or they themselves are the problem…. or C.) All of the above.

Regardless- between the environmental, social, and political landscapes, there are plenty of challenges to go around, so what do you do? Where do you start? Theres a popular expression in this case: “Think Global, Act Local” I can’t readily recall its origin but I know what it means to me. It means sharing ideas, it means community involvement, it means taking action, it means the Hive.

‘The Hive’ is a community initiative of IDEAS For Us, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. A monthly think-(and do)-tank aimed at addressing global challenges through local solutions to advance sustainability. This multi-generational and interdisciplinary gathering exists in communities for the purpose of organizing stakeholders for action projects.

rsz_img_4233On Wednesday May 7th, I had the pleasure of facilitating the Hive Orlando at East End Market with my fellow organizer, Jeff Trapani. The eventful and productive evening included playing samples of the “This is the Hive” soundtrack as attendees were welcomed in, education on the theme of “food to energy” featuring a guest speaker on anaerobic digestion, a recap of recent local IDEAS projects and events, and a breakout session of four separate groups who discussed the logistics of Project ReThink (our sustainable art project that we’ll be implementing this summer).

This Hive was loaded with great ideas and cross-pollination but was also bittersweet as we said farewell to IDEAS leader Ashley Isabell who is moving back up to New York.

Below is a clip from the Hive where representatives from a breakout group share their ideas for Project ReThink.

* Photos by Karine Guilbert *

PLEASE NOTE: At the end of the Hive, I gave out free seedlings and free seed balls. This could very well be a staple of our monthly event. Everyone loves free stuff.

* Photo by Spencer Britt *

I believe in the Hive. Its my way of replacing complaining about a problem with a realistic discussion about a solution. If you’re in Central Florida, please join us the first Wednesday of every month at East End Market for the next Hive. And if you’re not in Orlando, maybe there’s a Hive in your area you can attend and if there isn’t- maybe you could start one. It all starts with a dedicated leader and an idea.

– Ricardo Williams
IDEAS for Us

P.S. For a deeper look at the Hive, check out the trailer to our documentary short, entitled “This Is The Hive”