IDEAS For Us | May 1, 2016

Ricardo Williams Gives His Thoughts on National Bike Month

rw_bike_channel6There are several notable figures in the downtown Orlando area that may be familiar to some local residents. Ricardo Williams, cruising down South Orange Avenue on a bright orange bike, is one.

Orange bikes can be found scattered in stations around downtown Orlando and are property of Juice Bike Share, a company newly launched in May 2015 offering locals a way to navigate the city without having to drive.

“It’s very convenient for me. I live in a very dense part of town where there’s a lot of options for stations. [T]here’s literally a Juice Bike Share station on the bottom floor of our office but there’s also one right by my house. So there’s a lot of options for me to just hop on a bike and travel through downtown,” says Williams.

And with nearly 3,500 miles under his belt in the last year, Ricardo Williams, dubbed the “super user,” is the company’s top customer.

Averaging at least eight miles a day biking, the Chief Media Officer of IDEAS For Us explains why next month is so important.

“National Bike Month means awareness. I’m a huge advocate for biking and the use of publicrw_sarah_bikes_resized transportation and I feel like the people that use it need to be more vocal about it and its benefits not just for themselves but for the community,”

Williams says cities can benefit from being more bike-able not only because it helps the environment but for the connectivity it brings to people and their communities.

“If [people are] walking down that street or biking down that street instead of driving, there’s an opportunity for them to connect with small businesses, local parks- it allows them to be more invested in the community around them. So making a city more bike-able is public health, environmental, but it also has huge benefits for the local economy.”

Although Williams already bikes to work every day, he plans to participate in the City of Orlando’s Bike to Work Day event on Friday, May 6th as part of the Orlando Bike Coalition team.