IDEAS For Us | June 6, 2014

Power Shift Summit in Ghana

Ghana Youth Climate Coalition (GYCC) and The Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) are together the largest youth led climate and environmental group in Ghana. We are made up of thousands of young people from diverse backgrounds with the deepest passion for environmental sustainability and climate justice. We are organizing power shift summit in Ghana as part of our effort to promote environmental justice in Ghana.

What is Power Shift?

Power Shift is the largest youth-led and first ever environmental/climate summit in Ghana to train and empower more than 500 young people with the tools, techniques and technology to solve the environmental crisis in Ghana.
Power Shift is a 3 day summit- a single mammoth gathering of young people in our generation to learn, device and discuss strategies to fight for environmental justice in Ghana. It is time to set and shift priorities from the bottom to the top, at all levels of society, from policies to implementation.

We believe we are the most strategic generation that has a better chance of saving our environment and the planet for our children and future generations.

Why Power Shift?

Our generation is faced with unprecedented environmental crisis and challenges:
-The Government of Ghana has signed an agreement with a Chinese Energy Group to construct a 700MW coal fired power plant in Ghana;
-Agbogboshie, a community in Ghana has been named among The World’s 10 Most Polluted Places;
-Water pollution through illegal mining (‘Galamsey’) is destroying rivers and water bodies and threatening access to good drinking water;
-More than 20 whales have been seen washed ashore dead in areas of oil exploration in Ghana since 2009;
-Ghana loses GHS750m (more than $1.875m) annually due to poor sanitation delivery.

What We Need

We are hoping to raise $10,000 for Power Shift. The funds will be used to pay for accommodation, transportation and subsistence (meals and refreshment) of the hundreds of young people traveling from all length and breadth of the country – from all the 10 regions of Ghana for the 3 days mammoth gathering.

We will also pay for the summit venue and space, summit materials/stationery and honorarium for some selected resource persons, experts and trainers who will be training participants.
If we are not able to raise our target funding, we will have to cut down on the number of participants for Power Shift who are very qualified and equally passionate about taking action for the earth. We want to prevent doing this and that is why your support means everything to us.

Why Does Your Contribution Matter?

The youth are the future of Ghana. They are the stewards of the environment and future policy makers and leaders. Ghana needs the youth to protect the environment. The conference has to happen to ensure that Ghana will be protected from the ravages of climate change. If the young people of today are not equipped and empowered to protect the environment, we have little or no chance of dealing with the impacts in future. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated.

The Impact

Your contribution will make Power Shift possible no matter how small it is. “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean” so no donation is too small. The more people we can have donate, the more we will reach our goal soon.
Issues of environmental injustice and climate change affect all of us no matter where we live, so supporting Power Shift in Ghana means protecting the planet no matter where you live. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu puts it, “we are in this together”. We believe supporting Power Shift is supporting humanity and global conservation and sustainability.

We have successfully run campaigns on coal and promoted renewable energy as the way forward for a clean future. That is the future we want and with your support, Power Shift can bring that future even steps closer.
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– Jamal Musah
IDEAS for Ghana
Ghana Youth Climate Coalition (GYCC)