IDEAS For Us | March 24, 2016

Power Shift Set To Return With Regional Conferences Ahead of 2016 Election

powershift-logo“In 2016, ahead of a critical election cycle here in the US, we’re taking Power Shift on the road, with regional convergences designed to empower, support, and mobilize youth climate justice leaders all over the United States — starting in their own communities.

Since 2007, Energy Action Coalition has hosted four national Power Shift convergences. Tens of thousands of people have come to Power Shifts over the years to learn about organizing, connect with friends and fellow activists, and build momentum for critical strategic campaign efforts in their communities. But Power Shift is more than a conference—it’s part of a movement.”

Power Shift Northeast
Philadelphia, PA
July 23-24, 2016

Power Shift Southeast
Orlando, FL
September 9-11, 2016

Power Shift Midwest
Detroit, MI
August 13-14, 2016

More Power Shift regions may be announced in the next few weeks. If you don’t see your region listed, stay tuned for updates!

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