IDEAS For Us | September 30, 2015

“Orange County Solid Waste Facility Tour” by Tatiana Zuniga

Orange County Solid Waste Facility Tour

rsz_dsc_0283IDEAS for UCF got invited to tour the Orange County Solid Waste Facility for a composting tour; on that tour we saw big mounds of compost, which would later get separated into about 8 long rows of compost. We were also able to see the big machine they use to separate that compost. The way they do composting there is by taking the dirt from the mounds, putting it through the machine so that anything that does not belong in compost gets filtered out, and then the good compost gets put into the rows so that it can sit there for a few months until it becomes actual cured compost. They give out the compost for free to anyone who is willing to go by the facility and pick it up.

What originally set out to be just a composting tour turned into a general waste tour. After showing us the composting, the manager of the facility who was giving the tour took us to the landfill where they kept all the waste. At the landfill they have a system of dealing with the garbage, they have this big tractor that has spikes on its tires and it is used to go over the waste and flatten it out. There are hundreds of birds just flocked amongst the waste and are quick to get out of the way when they see the truck coming. A problem they are having is controlling the smell, but that is something expected with a landfill, it is just so prevalent that people have complained. They have a chemical they spray to control the smell and these fence posts that they use when it is windy so that they smell will not travel.


There is also a recycling center where people can drop off the appliances they no longer use like old tv’s, refrigerators, microwaves, and other household appliances. At the facility they compress the recycled bottles and cardboard into rectangular shaped figures. It was a very cool experience getting to tour the Orange County Solid Waste Facility; it was nice that the manager took time out of his day to show us around.

-Tatiana Zuniga