IDEAS For Us | February 16, 2015

Ocoee Green Initiative Host Sustainability Fair

The Ocoee Green Initiatives is an affiliate chapter of IDEAS at Ocoee High School. On January 28th, the Ocoee Green Initiatives collaborated with the agriculture Biotech classes to have a sustainability fair during lunch.

rsz_img_0056There were about 2 weeks of preparation for this event. We had a sound system with music playing, along with many booths. The booths covered a wide range of environmental issues and subjects. There was an aquaculture booth, where students put together a system of water running back and forth from plants and soil into a fish tank. There was a hydropower booth, where students demonstrated how running water produces electricity. They had a steady stream of water that turned a hand-made turbine. There were also several recycling booths that educated students on the importance of recycling, as well as games to encourage students to develop a habit of recycling. The students really enjoyed these games and made a competition out of it. We had a biodiesel demonstration as well. Since our school actually produces our own biofuel, they brought out the tanks and showed students the process of converting organic matter into fuel. We also assembled a real 400 watt wind turbine and demonstrated its function to students.

There was an energy conservation booth, where students were educated on how to save energy at home and at school. We also set up a booth with 2 laptops, each with a different google form open. One was to confess eco-sins, and one was to pledge to be more environmentally friendly. Over 40 students filled out these forms. There was also a composting booth. Our agriculture classes compost food from our cafeteria and produce their own soil and fertilizer, and this practice was demonstrated at the booth. We also set up a solar power demonstration booth, where there was a 100 watt solar panel, along with 3 solar cars, an inverter, and a multimeter. Students were amazed that these solar cars could be propelled solely by the power of the sun. All of these booths captured the attention of hundreds of students at Ocoee High School. This event showed that all people contain an undeniable curiosity for the environment and the technologies that relate to it. They just need to be exposed to it, and educated in the correct manner. This is why Ocoee High School is a part of IDEAS. They’re IDEAS for us.

-Hudson Lowe
Ocoee Green Initiaitve