IDEAS For Us | April 15, 2014

New IDEAS Chapter Builds Garden for Elementary School


To kick off the Winter Park High School branch of IDEAS, the group got together and built a garden at Lakemont Elementary. A P.E. teacher at Lakemont, Jon Siegel, contacted a former student of his and IDEAS member, Robert Van Valkenburgh. On February 24th a meeting at the school was then established to discuss the project. At first, the plan was to construct a garden from scratch, including building brand-new garden boxes, on a hill side. Realizing the hill side was an obstacle and would be too challenging for the high school freshmen alone to complete, a solution to the dilemma was made. Lakemont had previously built a garden a few years ago and eventually lost tabs on all of the plants. An idea to just revive the old garden arose and became the new blueprints for the project. After overcoming the temporary drawback, March 15th became the date for the students to take action.

IMG_1872IMG_7953 - Copy

The exciting day arrived in no time. Making the job easier for the gang, Robert and his dad cleared out the nutrient depleted soil from most of the old garden boxes before the actual day of action. Once the event day arrived, the group came with tools and met with teachers that volunteered. Having shovels in hand and work on their mind, everyone set out to replace the old soil and dead plants with new, colorful, exciting greenery. Within two hours, watermelon, beans, zucchini, squash, decorative flowers and much more covered the premises. Successfully finishing this adventure, IDEASforWPHS hopes to have many more educational projects under their belt.

-Nikki Lyman & Spencer Britt