IDEAS For Us | March 21, 2016

Native Trees: Local is Always Better

1410842_10153452381835085_1553181586_oNative trees do many things for our ecosystem; they house and provide food for many animals, benefit us economically, and always provide a beautiful sight. Sometimes we forget how important native trees really are. They are the backbone of our ecosystems, they keep everything in nature in balance. They provide many small bugs with food, then those bugs become food for other birds and reptiles keeping our ecosystem in check. Then when those birds leave droppings with seeds planting new trees and different areas of an eco system, Native trees have also become more adaptive to the climate they come from and can grow and prosper much more easily in that climate.

As our first annual Walk For Trees event approaches, it is important to keep in mind what these native trees do for us. A tree as common as the Sabal Palm tree, that has been in Florida for hundreds of years, benefits our everyday lives by helping create a thriving ecosystem that can work in balance with all of our daily activities. These various trees and plants have also helped in creating new sources of food and medicine. When you go out to plant a tree or plant make sure that is a native plant of the area you’re from. This could bring many new natives animals that will benefit from your new plant for food and shelter.