IDEAS For Us | November 25, 2014

Miss Earth Florida 2015 Joins IDEAS

Elizabeth Tran, Miss Earth Florida 2015

ms-earth-fl_1This past weekend I was crowned Miss Earth Florida 2015. The pageant focuses on environmental causes, as their mission states “to provide a voice for Mother Earth their advocacy and education.” Over the summer I will be heading to California for the Miss Earth United States Pageant, and if I win that I will be able to compete for Miss Earth in the Philippines. I will continue to work on the environmental projects I do now, I may just bring along a green sash and a sparkly hat!

I had the opportunity to bring up IDEAS during my onstage question and interview, when they asked how I encourage others to work with nonprofit organizations and my plans if I were chosen as Miss Earth Florida respectively. Nika Hosseini, a fellow University of Miami student who is extremely passionate about the environment, and I are working to bring AquaSolve, a solar-powered water purification company, to a village in Kiburara, Uganda to provide clean water for those citizens through IDEAS Uganda. I never would have imagined I would be able to do something like this, and I’m so grateful to be working with IDEAS. Once the system is implemented, we have the potential to bring it to other IDEAS chapters and (as clich√© as it is for a pageant girl to say) make the world a better place!