IDEAS For Us | July 29, 2014

Mensa Tsedze Recaps the “Green Women Business” Project

Training Workshop under the project Green Women Business

Location: Ganavé
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Time: 14h-15h30
Number of participants: 50 women

One of the most important things for the stability of a society is the well being of the family and its environment. The well being of the family necessarily passes through the family and especially women, the architect of authentic peace from the most basic cell of society. The organizations Young Greens Togo, IDEAS for Togo, World Youth Alliance Togo have not forgotten that. Inspired by the statements of World Youth Alliance in their mission to promote to a sustainable development, they have not forgotten the talents of women in the preservation and beauty.

As part of the program Green Business Women in Canton of Ganavé, Young Greens Togo, IDEAS for Togo World Youth Alliance Togo, held on Thursday, June 18, 2014, a training session to educate women on income generating activities in sober carbons. As retention at their last meeting with the township authorities, more than 50 women have made an appointment in a public room of the township on June 18, 2014 at 14:00 for training session.

After traditional sessions of greeting coordinates by Mr Folly, Vice-President of CVDB (Committee Villageoise development Base), Mr. Pedessi Esso kl’nam, Executive Director of the Young Greens, explained to women the importance of the meeting.


Power point presentation

Recalled that the association Young Greens and IDEAS for Togo knew this village through the draft disaster management, but the approaches and analyzes they felt the need to help the village develop in a sustainable way. What to give the idea of drafting a project called “Green Women Business.” drawing values of World Youth Alliance. At the Pan African conference in Lomé Tunzafrika2014 organized by JVE International and UNEP, the project was presented and selected among the best, due to its economic and ecological sustainability and social character.


Left to Right, vice president of the Development Committee, Mr Pedessi (young green), the Honourable Chief township, Mensa (IDEAS for US)

The principle consists to assist women financially to undertake an activity that generates low carbon revenues. And in return she will participate in eco-citizen actions (Obligation planted at least three seedlings to attend training development, making consolidations …). Only the group of women who met these conditions is allowed another loan (double first).

During the meeting, power points were projected, summarizing the state of villages and towns situations after the floods, information has been published on the causes and consequences of climate change, resilience, and the role of Green Women Bussiness project to maintain the balance between the economy, society and ecology.


Property damage after the recent floods

Movies and stories on countries and groups of women beneficiaries experienced on similar programs were screened. The following slide show of women who take money and young plant, women who are being trained, who plant, undertaking revenue generating activity sober coal (gardening, selling condiment, failures …), women using improved stoves, women who participate in village sanitation, women who have the nursery, women who watered seedlings, women who educate women, women flourished, of strong families. The last slide shows a village green with lots of trees, and then the team explained that this is the vision for Ganavé for the next ten years, and this could only be possible through the village women. According to these projections, some of replies Issues were held to clarify further the concerns of participants.


Vision of Ganavé in 10 years with the project “Green Women Business”

Great was the joy of women and eager to see all this happen, but the frustration remains behavior change and current habits.

But the organizers took care to reassure people they will not matter to upset things but do better because any development process must in center the human and keep respect for their dignity. The meeting ended after an hour and a half after cordials exchanges and salutations.

– Mensa Tsedze
IDEAS For Togo