IDEAS For Us | March 19, 2014

Megan Selva on Greening Forward’s IYEYS

The weekend of March 7-9, 2014 was a remarkable experience for me. During this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia I attended the International Young Environmentalist Youth Summit hosted by Greening Forward. I felt that the organization had many amazing workshops, including one about the Native American Cherokee tribe, which was one of my favorites, as well as many others such as The Hive, On Air, Alternative Energy, Social Media, Sustainable Gardening, etc. I was impressed by how well and organized the convention was and grateful for the free food, gifts and stay at the church. It was great getting to know new faces with common interests and having a fun time. One thing I learned was that when we bring more people together, we come up with more ideas and solutions. The whole experience really pushed me to be more proactive in my own community. Thank you!

– Megan Selva


More photographs from the weekend:

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