IDEAS For Us | April 7, 2016

Josh Fox Screens New Climate Change Film at UCF

Josh_Fox_speaks_at_UCF_600_509I had the opportunity to attend a film screening held by the University of Central Florida’s Sustainability Initiative. Director Josh Fox presented his new documentary How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change. Josh Fox is well known for his Gasland documentaries. This new film focuses on climate change in a dearing light: through human virtues.

The film looks mesmerizing. There are so many images that highlights human life around the world. Many emotional scenes come from the director being personal with interviewees and interacting with the community. My favorite part of the film was the wonderful dancing that different people do to bond together. Dancing creates an amazing strength in communities – especially in times of struggle.


After a while, I didn’t know why human struggles of resilience, innovation, creativity, etc. had to do with climate change. When I took time to think about it, these human virtues have everything to do with how we make our world change – for the good. The environment will change whether we damage it or heal it through our commitment.

I asked Mr. Fox after the screening what resilience looked like in different affected parts of the world – Hurricane Katrina and Sandy caused many people to hold together, so as Typhoons in Varantu and the Philippines. How different is each culture when disaster strikes? He answered with “They respond to tragic events the same way.” All people of different cultures help themselves through humility: sharing stories, music, dance, cooking food, and taking care of their neighbors.

This documentary lead me to a different perspective about people and the environment. One that tells me that humans can do what it takes to make a change for our world and that I can get strength through the people who gather with me. I recommend watching How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change. Check for tour dates near you.