IDEAS For Us | June 26, 2012

‘Innovations’ travels to Rio+20

Throughout June 2012, the Innovations Think Tank workshop traveled to Brazil for the United Nations Youth Blast and the World Youth Congress 2012 in Rio de Janeiro; both preliminary events to the Rio+20 Conference n Sustainable Development.  From June 2nd – June 23rd, IDEAS executives were representing our movement and even recruited multiple NGO’s and leaders from around the World to join IDEAS!

Chris Castro from IDEAS host the Innovations Think Tank at the 2012 UN Youth Blast Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Over 100 youth from over 40 countries participated in the Innovations Workshop this summer. Collectively, we  hosted an interactive series of events as ‘Story of Self’; Divergent & Convergent Thinking exercises; and Peer-to-Peer networking activities needed to identify Challenges and Solutions to sustainability issues around the World!

World Youth Congress 2012: Innovations Workshop

Our footprint can now be found on the UN Major Group for Children & Youth’s website, in the agenda for June 12th at 14:30-16:00pm.

Keep a look out! We will be developing the Innovations initiative over the next few months, providing youth around the World with options to host this initiative in your community to solve the integrated challenges you face.

For more information on the Process to host an “Innovations Think Tank,” reach out to us at: [email protected] or visit us at: