IDEAS For Us | February 17, 2016

IDEAS Welcomes Another Social Media Intern

I’m pleased to announce the newest member of our team. For the spring semester, Audri Harvey has come on-board to the IDEAS staff as a Social Media Intern. Audri will be working out of our Orlando, Florida headquarters with myself; as well as Christina Astore and Ryan Scanlan (who were brought on last month). Learn more about her below.

audri-harveyAudri Harvey
University of Central Florida 2016, Double Major in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science

Reading mystery novels and painting.

What drew you to IDEAS?
I first met several members of the organization while covering a story at the Dandelion Communitea Café in downtown Orlando and was fascinated by their passion and desire to help the environment. Since my chosen field of work is environmental journalism, interning with such an organization is incredibly valuable to me because of the knowledge I will gain.

Of the 5 pillars of sustainability (energy, water, food, waste, and ecology), which is the most important to you? And why?
Of the 5 pillars of sustainability, the one which I find to be of most importance would be that of ecology. This encompasses so much and the prospect of conserving wildlife ecology is vital. Protecting environments, whether at home or abroad, is incredibly important and should be done in a sustainable fashion to better promote their longevity.

What are your plans after graduation?
In late December of this year I will be moving to California to pursue a career in environmental journalism.