IDEAS For Us | June 22, 2016

IDEAS Staff Travel to Nepal and Host a Hive Workshop

What is it like to be in a Hive? 60 students gathered at WRC in Nepal for a workshop. After the ceremony to light a large brass oil lamp called a diya, presenters gave presentations and the audience was introduced to The Hive. The Hive is comprised of:
– An in-depth description of an issue
– Letting the audience group into teams to create solutions
– Allowing each team to propose their unique perspectives
– Summarize all of the proposals

This process allows many people to be engaged, to contribute their thoughts to a large issue, and to help the community take action – all in a short amount of time. For the workshop, we decided to group the audience into 5 teams. Each group was directed to cover one pillar of the 5 pillars of sustainability – Energy, Water, Food, Waste, or Ecology.

We asked each group to think about solutions that address their assigned pillar. Each group was also given a large paper to draw out their ideas. In 30 minutes, each group formulated unique solutions. We then asked each group to present.

Hive_Nepal_group_5 Hive_Nepal_group_4 Hive_Nepal_group_2_and_3 Hive_Nepal_group_1

The Hive workshop was a learning experience for everyone involved. The audience put a good amount of effort to think about their community through the perspective of Energy, Water, Food, Waste, and Ecology. After every Hive, IDEAS emphasizes the need to gather the best thoughts and to create action. For example, Group A discussed the benefits of bringing solar to the community. Group A can now take their ideas and act accordingly by talking to leaders, local entrepreneurs, or municipalities to bring solar capacity to their community. They can then go about educating the group, engaging them in activities, and empowering them to advance sustanability and leaders.

The Hive is intended to crowd-source solutions to local issues facing our campuses and communities around the World. If you would like to learn more about The Hive, ask us on Facebook or contact us at hiveorlando(at)