IDEAS For Us | August 26, 2015

IDEAS Spotlight: Upcoming West African Leader Amos Mulbah Lavalah

AmosPIcAs you may know from our past announcements, IDEAS receives international visitors through a variety of government programs and institutions. IDEAS has partnerships with the Department of State, United Nations, Department of Interior, IREX, and a variety of other programs that bring these global leaders to our doorstep.

Who Is Amos Lavalah

This time, we are visited by Amos Lavalah, brother to Stephen Lavalah who stayed with us last year. Amos is a 33 year old from Zolowo – a town in the Lofo county of Liberia.

Amos is currently running for a seat within the Liberian Congress for the 2017 election. He is most focused on lobbying the government to improve education systems in Liberia.

Improving his country begins with education, which is why Amos is so focused on this initiative.

We need our youth to be educated and literate for them to take the actions required to help the Liberian people” – Amos Lavalah

USA – 97.8% literacy

Liberia – 60.8% literacy

Global average – 84.1% literacy


              *4 in 10 people in Liberia are illiterate

Ricardo Williams, Media Director of IDEAS, will be developing a My IDEAS video that lets Amos tell his story and how he is working with IDEAS for this trip and in the future. That will be available in the next 30 days we will make a new post on the blog once it is available.