IDEAS For Us | March 18, 2013

IDEAS Sheds A New Light on Cultural Diplomacy-

Attention IDEAS:
This is Chris Stampar, Director of International Development for IDEAS. I just got back from a killer trip with Co-Founder Chris Castro and Innovations Think Tank Founder, Julian Belilty, to Berlin, Germany. We recently were given an incredible opportunity to travel to Europe to give a keynote speech and sit on a Panel discussion at the 2013 Berlin International Economics Congress!


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My portion of the presentation focused on IDEAS, and how we have implemented #ACTION with our members from around the world. We had a bit of an epiphany while we were there, that has really reshaped how we see the work we do with IDEAS on a daily basis. The conference was hosted by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), so naturally, the founder of the organization spoke much about this topic. Then we realized, cultural diplomacy is in fact what we have been practicing in IDEAS all along, we just didn’t know it. Everyday that I spend time talking with friends in IDEAS Chapters in Uganda or Cambodia, or go out after work with new friends at a conference, that is all time spent putting cultural diplomacy into practice. We learn about each others cultures, our work, passions, dreams, issues.
We made some great friends at a variety of UN conferences last year, we started hanging out, talking on line when we got back home, and then kept working together to expand the IDEAS movement! Forming partnerships, starting new chapters, all of which is the foundation for the ACTION we’ve started to implement across the world.
So next time your online chatting with friends, or meet someone new in another country, remember that its cultural diplomacy in action! Take the opportunity to ask questions, learn something new, make a great new friend, and do something amazing to change the World!

Chris Stampar
Director of International Development, IDEAS For Us