IDEAS For Us | January 14, 2016

IDEAS Leaders Working to Create Clean Drinking Water Access in Somalia

Promoting Access to Clean Drinking Water in Caws Qurun Village, Bardera Distict – Gedo Region Somalia


In December 2015, IDEAS For Us entered into a partnership with Water and Development Committee (WDC) Somalia in rehabilitating one shallow well in Caws Qurun village, Bardera district in Somalia. The intervention was in line with one of IDEAS For Us’ 5 Pillars of Sustainability that seeks to enhance access to clean water among communities. The overall objective of the project was to provide sustainable access to clean drinking water in the village to enhance the target population’s health standards. A total of 609 beneficiaries including men, women and children from the host community and also internally displaced persons in the district were targeted to directly benefit from the undertaking.

Despite a long history of humanitarian interventions in Somalia following the collapse of the central government more than two decades ago, several regions in the country continue facing shocks ranging from food insecurity, diseases, population displacement and armed conflict. WASH systems in the village remain awful and inadequate. Majority of the inhabitants get water from unprotected open shallow wells. The problem with the shallow wells is that they are unprotected which exposes the residents to risks of water borne and water related diseases such as AWD/cholera. Further, the water wells have poor drainage systems which pose risks for contraction of diseases. It these flaws that the intervention sought to address.

The project was successfully implemented by WDC with funding from IDEAS For Us and handed over to the local WASH committee for day to day management. It is expected that the intervention will greatly contribute toward reduction of the often recurrent waterborne diseases in the village such as cholera. Thank you IDEAS For Us!!