IDEAS For Us | August 18, 2015

IDEAS Leaders Host a Hive in Washington DC

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On August 5th, a group of IDEAS members hosted a Hive workshop in the District of Columbia. This group is made up of movers-and-shakers working in the energy and sustainability industry including Julian Belilty from Nextility Solar, Samantha Tranfa from GRID Alternatives, Louis Chambers from Viridian Energy and Stefan Roha from Sustainable DC. 35 ‘bees’ attended the first event, and it was a huge success!


Since it was the first meet-up, the attendees broke out into smaller groups to brainstorm challenges they are facing within the District that fall within one of the 5 pillars of sustainability. They then came up with a solution for each challenge and together voted for the action plan (solution) they will work on at the next meet-up: an Anacostia River clean up and educational seminar on stormwater management. The ‘bees’ will reunite on September 2nd for the next Hive DC workshop and will host the event on October 18th.