IDEAS For Us | April 27, 2014

IDEAS Leaders Attend Branch Opening of Environmentally Conscious Bank

On Tuesday, April 22, First Green Bank opened its fifth branch in Winter Park, Florida

First Green Bank is the first bank of its kind to promote positive environmental and social responsibility while operating as a traditional community bank.

With the help of Winter Park Mayor, Ken Bradley, they cut the ribbon on their newest branch!

What is First Green Bank? What makes them environmentally conscious?

As one of the first banks in the United States which has an environmental and social mission, First Green Bank was founded in 2009 by a team of experienced and successful local bankers after being given the last bank charter in the state of Florida.

First GREEN Bank promotes environmental responsibility and green building by offering lower interest rates for commercial projects that meet green building certifications defined by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Gold and platinum certified projects qualify for the lowest interest rates in order to motivate commercial developers to build green while at the same time making it possible to realize increased profits.

First GREEN Bank leads by example, promoting environmentally responsible behavior through its own business and employees. Their loan officers are LEED Accredited Professionals in order to better assist clients and they cover the cost for and offer salary increases to all employees who attain LEED Professional Accreditation. First GREEN Bank provides zero interest loans to employees who buy automobiles that exceed thirty miles per gallon, and offers paid sabbaticals to employees who engage in environmentally responsible projects. First GREEN Bank also provides green building expertise, networking, and product resources through its web site and staff so clients have all the necessary tools available to help ensure successful green building projects.

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The IDEAS team (from left to right: Ricardo Williams, Clayton Ferrara, Chris Castro) and new fellow from Liberia, Benjamin Darwolo (second from left), take a picture with First Green Bank Founder and CEO, Ken LaRoe.