IDEAS For Us | September 29, 2014

IDEAS Leader of Tanzania Reflects On the People’s Climate March


By Evodius Rutta, Hammerlin Av-1808, WinterPark, FL-32789, [email protected]

At 04:25pm, Friday September 19th, I and my good friend and fellow young environmentalist Clayton Louis Ferrara board a bus at China Bus station in the city of Winter Park, Florida going to New York city to participate in the historic People’s Climate March. Our decision to take a bus to New York was on purpose, reduce the amount of greenhouse emission that both us would have contributed by boarding a plane.

After more than 12 hours of bus ride, I arrive in New York city, feeling fresh with much more energy and excited to be in the world biggest city, a city that never sleeps as called by many people here in New York. I could see the tall buildings and famous bridges of New York. My look of New York buildings and bridges remind me of movies like Maid in Manhattan that I watched back home.

rutta_pcm_1To complete my New York mission, on Sunday September 21st, two days before the start of UN World Leaders Climate Change summit, outside the United Nations headquarters, myself and thousands of people march in the streets of New York to urge world leaders to end climate crisis by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are driving the changes.

Rallies like these were ongoing around the world in cities like Paris, London, Melbourne and Dar es Salaam where I come. People in these cities like us in New York, demand more actions and less talk from World leaders to end the climate crisis. As young environmentalist who works daily to address our local environmental challenges including climate change, I have never seen or experienced something huge like this.

rutta_pcm_2I felt very grateful to be among 400,000 people that marched in the streets of New York in the largest Climate March in human history urging our world leaders to solve this global environmental crisis affecting millions of people worldwide including my country Tanzania.

My participation in People’s Climate March has inspired and energized me to do more and continue my work in solving environmental challenges in my country. The People’s Climate March has motivated me to find solutions to community problems like poverty and lack of access to clean energy for rural households in peaceful manner, I have realized the problems we face in my country are not only our problems, but rather global problems that need to addressed collectively by everyone in this world. As a father, I have every obligation to protect the mother nature and the world that my daughter will live. I feel very gateful and honored to be part of this history in finding solutions to the problems that already affect my generation and will also affect my daughter and her generation.