IDEAS For Us | July 17, 2014

IDEAS History: Chris Castro and Clayton Ferarra Speak at NASA

On September 11, 2013, IDEAS Leaders Chris Castro and Clayton Ferarra were invited to the Kennedy Space Center to speak at the 2013 NASA Innovation Expo to discuss models that catalyze innovation, and showcased ‘The Hive’ as a proven mode for interdisciplinary, multi-generational think-and-do tank advancing sustainability.

Blast-Off to Social Innovation | KSC Innovation Expo 2013

The 21st Century will be unlike any Century for many reasons. Technology will continue to advance to smaller and more complex iterations, but how will this affect humanities first great invention: social interaction? We need a speakeasy for innovation to develop and discover opportunities.

Chris and Clay, along with other IDEAS leaders will be returning to Kennedy Space Center in October for the 2014 International Workshop on Environment and Alternative Energy.

For all students and professionals interested in attending and/or presenting, click here: