IDEAS For Us | December 18, 2011

IDEAS Leaders get invited to White House Holiday Reception with President Obama

In July of 2011, IDEAS was recognized with an honorable mention by the White House and the Obama Administration, the 2011 Champions of Change award: Youth Greening Schools.

To show his appreciation for our efforts, President Obama invited the co-founders — Chris Castro & Hank Harding — to represent the IDEAS movement at the White House on December 14th for a special Holiday Reception.

Through an incredible 1-day journey to the Capital, Chris and Hank met with Brandon Chase (PSU chapter co-founder and DOE employee), visited Occupy DC, enjoyed an amazing 3-hour Holiday Reception at the White House, met with Scott Minos & Edwin Luevanos (IDEAS Professionals & DOE professionals) and returned back to Orlando, safe and sound.


Let this be an incredible light of inspiration for all IDEAS chapters! One of the highest levels of recognition an organization could ever get, and something we could all take back home!