IDEAS For Us | July 7, 2014

IDEAS For Togo Launches Awareness Campaign on Water

Theme: Protect our Water
Location: Headquarters JVT, Lome Togo
Date: Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014, held at the headquarters of Associations Young Greens / IDEAS for Togo, the launch of a major awareness campaign on water. Activity organized by Earth Guardians and IDEAS for Togo, in partnership with Youth green / Oceanium which bring together more than forty children between 6-17 years, this activity is part of the great campaign of Earth Guardians called «Protect our Future”.

The objective was to raise awareness among children for good water management. To do this we have their project photos illustrating the difficulty of access (lack) in drinking water in some countries causes entails the lack of drinking water and poor management of drinking water.


After this little session projection of photos, there was a small debate moderated by Esso to help children understand that no one is indispensable to the water on this Earth.

Just after a series of movie screening, The first: “La soif du Monde” of Yann Bertrand Artur, which describes how often the water is important for human. The film explains that water is not only used for drinking, washing or preparation, but it (water) is also used in amounts to clothes factories to fields and many other objects for daily use by the men. And children including how often the water conservation is not only important but vital.

Saddened by the film screening, children were treated to a series of animations games with prizes. The evening ended with the advice of good water management (never let water run unnecessarily, take showers rather than baths, do not wash, drink or make ablution under the tap, not never leave a tap taste, and control water leak, install a recovery of rainwater, watering the garden with rainwater, and reasoned way, always take the amount of water takes to satisfy his thirst …) For making water saving is a vital challenge for sustainable development.


To strangle the thirst of children after 3 hours of activities, a snack of local juices (pineapple, orange, ginger, hibiscus …) and appetizers (peanuts and organic biscuits) was offered.
This activity is the launch of activities for the protection of the water series that will cover the whole summer.

– Anani Kuevidjin