IDEAS For Us | March 21, 2016

IDEAS For Togo Hosts a Plant for the Planet Academy


March 16, 2016 held the reforestation and training calls academy of plant for the planet ,the first of a series of three academies planned in the northern suburb of Lome, organized by IDEAS for Togo, Earth Guardian in cooperation with the Young Greens, Armor of School, Challenge International and Source Tree Life, This academy was held in the conference room of the social and educational center Al Fourkane and gathered a hundred students from 10 schools in the locality and surrounding. The academies plant for the planet are unique opportunities where young students and children receive training and necessary to become advocates for climate justice in their communities, schools, social networks, and effectively have an impact to change standard things so that the future generation can exist .In addition, given the current problems of the world is more than ever to have eco-responsible future leaders and concerned climates for sustainable development to be effective. It is in this view that under the aegis of IDEAS and EARTH Guardians as well as many other local partner organizations.

The session was therefore opened by the opening ceremony which respectively have succeeded censor AL Fourkane, president of Challenge and the Vice President of IDEAS for Us, by the welcoming words of the responsible central and welcoming the Censor event each and open training sessions, the Principal of Al Fourkane.

rsz_20160316_095431The first call came from the vice president of IDEAS, a former ambassador Plant for the planet that has kept the participants on its mission, role and commitment, she also spoke about the history of this organization, its vision mission and what the world of tomorrow await children and the importance for children to take early responsibility to save the planet. After this communication followed a tour of Mensa who has trained about the current state of the environment, causes, consequences, and what young people can do to curb the climate crisis and create a fair environment for all. After this training Mr Mohamed Yassine followed for training on rhetoric then followed by the Working Group during which each group working on a local outreach plan they will be engaged in their respective communities.


Training has been active with a lot of positive reactions among young people which also explains their great dedication to training and action planning. After this session, each group presented its work with dates of implementation to facilitate monitoring of the project. Children and their officials are going after pass by reforestation in the course where it is planned to set ground of 100 seedlings of various species such as guava mango, orange, lemon and many others.

Since 2015, Earth Guardian and sets IDEAS began reforestation activity with the support of the Plant for the Planet after 4academies in Ghana this year, an extensive campaign of 60 academies are announced on throughout the Togolese territory.

– Mensa Tsedze
IDEAS For Togo