IDEAS For Us | April 16, 2013

IDEAS For Mexico: American Academy Celebrates Earth Day 2013

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K-12 Students at American Academy celebrate Earth Day 2013, and the launch of our newest IDEAS chapters in Mexico.

American Academy has done it!  To celebrate our recent incorporation to IDEAS, as an international chapter in Mexico, we held on March 13, 2013 an Earth Day where grades sixth to ninth conveyed ecological awareness to their peers from lower elementary. They presented information to educate our school community on environmental issues such as water and air pollution and how we can help alleviate them. It was also a good way to find out about issues and the solutions that are being implemented in the Guadalajara area, where our school is located.  In order to achieve this, we got statistics from our local government and organized field-trips to investigate more deeply about the topics that were presented and discussed.

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In addition, we have become active in the solutions to help the environment within our community by recycling paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, making compos using organic waste from our cafeteria, and we planted a small orchard. We’ll make sure that we will not lose this momentum. We have begun something that we cannot stop. We are now getting ready for our next projects in the field of “Water and Energy Conservation” where we intend to launch the  “Kill-A-Watt” project, which is an ‘IDEAS for Us’ initiative.

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At American Academy K-9 we are rolling our sleeves to make sure as educators we facilitate our youth with the information and proper skills, not only to realize the urgent need for a change in the way we interact and abuse our natural resources, but also to get involved and be part of the solution. It is our responsibility to make them responsible citizens of the Planet.

Lionel Patiño
Executive Director, American Academy
IDEAS For Mexico