IDEAS For Us | December 18, 2014

IDEAS For Kenya Host Massive Waste Clean-up


Call it trash, litter, junk….it doesn’t matter how you call it, it is dangerous to our health, domestic animals and the economy. The environment has a huge potential to increase the risk of cross infection. Therefore a clean and safe environment is essential and is everyone’s business.

Last Saturday, IDEAS For Kenya, Zetech University, Hima Community Youth group and Ruiru County Government teamed up for a joint Community clean up in Mukungu village. Mukungu is the name of the village 10 minutes ride from Ruiru, a town emerging in terms of population and economic growth as witnessed in recent years. On our arrival, the site was an eye sore, and the stench from the heap of garbage was daunting, but as the adage goes, Practice what you preach.

rsz_20141213_111234The day started with us picking scraps of polythene bags, plastic bottles, lots of household waste. It was very heartening to see some community members helping out; intrigued by our initiative we seized the opportunity to create awareness and to educate them on importance of proper garbage disposal and reduction of household waste. Waste management in most Urban areas has been a challenge to the Municipal and county governments, and this has led to the emergence of dump sites in different parts of our urban centers. Mukungu is a residential area and poor waste management has led to the spread of diseases such as malaria because wastes like broken bottles and polythene bags dumped in the vicinity collect water in them (when it rains) and this may become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The residents were very grateful as this was the first step in saying goodbye to the stench, epidemiological diseases and insecurity at night as local residents were victims of muggings and violence as a result of the dump site. Uncontrolled dumping of solid waste leads to wastage of land where we find lots of land being used as dumping sites for wastes. These same pieces of land are later on neglected by the inhabitants of the area. Poor waste management can be a source of under development around the societies surrounding these particular areas.

We are all entitled the right to a clean environment and no one should deny us this freedom. A clean environment saves life and it is a living man that develops a society. Whoever keeps the environment clean is therefore, contributing his/her quota to the socio-economic development of our society.

IDEAS For Kenya.

Merry Christmas y’all