IDEAS For Us | September 1, 2015

IDEAS for Kenya and Kijani Partnership.


Perhaps this sounds so cliché but its real… real and am convicted that the Earth’s long-term prospects are bleak. Works such as Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962), Garrett Hardin’s “The Tragedy of the Commons” (1968), Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb (1968), Donella H. Meadows’ The Limits to Growth(1972), and Edward Goldsmith’s Blueprint for Survival (1972) suggested that the planetary ecosystem was reaching the limits of what it could sustain and as much as it’s a bitter pill to swallow, we have to live with the realities.

Environmental degradation is basically human centered, commonly known as anthropocentrism. The defining feature of anthropocentrism is that it considers the moral obligations humans have to the environment to derive from obligations that humans have to each other—and, less crucially, to future generations of humans—rather than from any obligation to other living things or to the environment as a whole.

kenya2This is not news to many of us, that environmental degradation is intricately linked to poor economic performance and poverty in most African countries. The chain of dependencies is all too familiar; rapid population growth and poverty accelerate deforestation and the expansion of agriculture into marginal areas, leading in turn to land degradation, which exacerbates food insecurity, loss of biodiversity, decline in water quality, and decrease in health status (UNEP, 1995).

The year 2015 will go down to history books due to an established partnership between IDEAS for Kenya and Kijani in quest to deliver practical solutions to deforestation challenge engulfing our once green and densely forested highlands.

Kijani is a young group of Kenyans, Germans, and Americans developing concepts to realize synergies between rural development and forest restoration in Kenya with the aim to restore 100 hectares of the vastly degraded Marmanet Forest. We are thrilled to affirm that IDEAS for Kenya will be joining efforts with Kijani in this noble cause
When it comes to the subject of environmental solutions there is no space for us to have any spectators. We are all in this particular game and we need to play our part. We look forward to lots of potential synergies and amazing opportunities to collaborate both nationally and globally.

By Grace Mercy Amboka
Country Director, IDEAS for Kenya