IDEAS For Us | April 14, 2016

IDEAS For Ghana: 3rd Environmental Sanitation Workshop

IDEAS for University of Cape Coast, on the 1st of April, 2016, was at Imam Khomeini Primary to educate the pupils on the importance of environmental sanitation. Since we had a workshop for the Junior high school, we deemed it appropriate to do same for the primary school.

We were warmly received by the headmaster and staff, who helped in organizing the pupils. The pupils were divided into two groups (ie, lower primary and upper primary), since one classroom could not contain both the lower primary and the upper primary.

The team, comprising four members (Isaac Abugri, Emmanuel Marfo, Charles Obiri and Daystar Babanawo) lead the workshop with two members leading the upper primary and two members leading the lower primary. Isaac Abugri and Emmanuel Marfo lead the lower primary in the workshop whiles Charles Obiri and Daystar Babanawo lead the upper primary.


Since the workshop was based on environmental sanitation and health with an emphasis on personal hygiene and littering, our speakers, after explaining to the pupils what the environment is, went on to talk about the reason behind the workshop, stating that unhygienic conditions cause diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, malaria and worm infections, which are mostly acquired by children. The speakers explained further that these diseases can be prevented when our environment is kept clean.

The speakers touched on littering, stating that littering causes gutters to be choked leading to floods, and that one should always dispose of waste properly. The speakers also stated that littered environments destroy other organisms that are useful and important to us.

On personal hygiene, our speakers stated the following as practices that promote personal hygiene; bathing at least twice a day, brushing our teeth at least twice a day, washing our hands with soap and running water frequently, washing our clothes, trimming our fingernails and keeping our hair neat.

Following that, we submitted a letter to our 4th school which we were scheduled for next week. We hope to spread the importance of environmental sanitation throughout Cape Coast and Ghana at large.

Written by:

Isaac Abugri

President, IDEAS for University of Cape Coast.


Joshua Amponsem

National Coordinator, IDEAS For Ghana.