IDEAS For Us | June 2, 2014

“IDEAS for Benin” Launches the Campaign “Stop Talking-Start Planting”


It is time to act for changing the world. This vision of IDEAS has been implemented by its chapters around the world. After their previous activity on building capacities, the board of IDEAS for Benin has launched campaign “Stop Talking-Start Planting” in Benin.

With partnership between “IDEAS for Us” and “Plant for the Planet”, the national chapter of IDEAS in Benin has been involved to planting and protection of tree areas. This activity will be included at the academy with the students from some schools in Benin on climate justice, tree plantation and protection of forest. Also, they will engage many people like national and local authority from Benin on this activity within the campaign “Stop Talking-Start Planting”.


Like each year, the Planting Day has celebrated at 1st June. In fact, IDEAS for Benin has launched the campaign in Parakou (northern of Benin). Many students have attended to this event which has been supported by some major’s authorities of the country. For example, the ministry of Defense of Benin Republic, Denis Ali Yerima has joined the movement. He has promised to increase its commitment and Government for the climate justice in Benin.

Below the King of Diho Savè Benin is pictured (center)

Below the Mayor of Parakou, Benin is pictured (second from left)
rsz_with_the_mayor_of_parakou_beninAlso, many others peoples (Mayor of Parakou, and Governor of Borgou-Alibori, King of Diho and some anonymous) have been seduced by this campaign and decided to join up the movement. For De Rocher Chembessi, country director of IDEAS for Benin this agreement from authorities is a proof that IDEAS for Benin has always been well inspired and honor for the global movement and the leaders of Plant for the Planet.

During this launching, the members of IDEAS for Benin have really participated to the planting. More than 600 trees have been planted by them and the attendees of ceremony in CEG Banikanni.

In few days, IDEAS for Benin will organize in some schools the workshop sessions named “Tree for Climate Justice” with 160 students. During these academies, students will be informed on basic concept of Climate change, protection of tree areas and forest and particularly its contribution for against climate change. And they will be awarded as Climate Justice Ambassadors for promoting of plantation around the country. IDEAS for Benin expects to impact more than ten thousands by this program because the ambassadors will be from various schools of country. Also, De Rocher Chembessi, Country Director of IDEAS for Benin, hope that many people could join the campaign.

Below the Ministry of Defense, Benin and the Governor of Borgou-Alibori, Benin are pictured (on right side of each photograph, respectively)

– De Rocher Chembessi
IDEAS for Benin