IDEAS For Us | December 27, 2013

IDEAS for Benin launch “IDEAS for Clean Schools”

IDEAS for Benin launch “IDEAS for Clean Schools”
by De Rocher Chembessi
Country Director of IDEAS for Benin

Last Friday, more than a thousand students of Benin were invited to attend the launching of the IDEAS for Clean Schools program. Implemented by IDEAS for Benin, this program will focus on training and awareness of waste management in schools. At this event, teachers and students were very excited by the program. In fact, the public schools of Benin are faced by the use of plastic and they have not an efficient waste management. In order to help them to reduce the impact of waste on their local environment, IDEAS for Benin have launched this program. It will be consisted to educate students and teachers on waste management, the resolution of their environmental issues, and keeping their schools clean.

With students of Zongo’s secondary school, who participated to the first stage of this program, the country director of IDEAS for Benin, has shared with them his experience and knowledge on waste management. The students have learned about some movies realized by their colleagues of some schools in Europe. The director of this school was very happy to know that it is its school which was selected to host firstly this program. After the session, three students were selected as IDEAS Ambassadors for Zongo’s secondary school to share with their schoolmates the knowledge and best practice acquired on waste management.

In future, IDEAS for Benin will enhance this program by donation of some clean materials to these schools, the training session on recycling and transforming of waste with students in order to promote greens jobs. Also, IDEAS for Clean Schools will extend in many schools of Benin in 2014.