IDEAS For Us | April 17, 2014

IDEAS for Benin hosts workshop on Climate Change and Renewable Energy

IDEAS for Benin hosts workshop on Climate Change and Renewable Energy

There were many students from University of Parakou in northern Benin, who attended last Saturday for the workshop on “Climate Change and Renewable Energy”.


This workshop was organized by IDEAS for Benin with support of Global Power Shift in order to share with students of this campus the concept note of climate change and renewable energy. The campaign launched by the team will be able to build local youth movement for influencing climate and environmental policies in Benin and ensure climate and energy justice around the world. Three keys to communication have been presented during this workshop. They are focused on lead factors and effects of climate change particularly its impact on young people, the sustainable practice of consumption and production, the renewable energy and the commitment of young people on climate change issues. These presentations were done by Chedrak Chembessi from IDEAS for Benin, Christian Hounkannou from Young Volunteers of Environment and Horace Kougniazondé, communicator in sustainable development.


After this successful workshop, we would note that the attendees have taken an engagement to be active on environmental issues in their local communities. In fact, more than 46 percent of the world’s population is under the age of 25 years and they should contribute to make a better world within their enthusiasm, impulsion and power. Very soon, these students will create efforts to attract awareness and share their knowledge and information on climate change with their colleagues and other peoples. In addition, IDEAS for Benin will implement other projects for their building capacities and improve their engagement.

-De Rocher Chembessi
Country Director of IDEAS for Benin