IDEAS For Us | October 25, 2013

IDEAS Draws the Line on the Keystone XL

On Friday, September 27th 2013 in conjunction with the national ‘Draw The Line’ day of action by, IDEAS leaders from all over Central Florida teamed up with the Critical Mass bike ride and assembled over 300+ bike enthusiasts who took to the streets to promote clean transportation and take a stand against the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Watch the video of the event below.
Produced by Karine Guilbert
Featuring original music by Ricardo Williams

“The Keystone XL pipeline is an extremely contentious project that would transport tar sands from the oil fields of Alberta, Canada 2000 miles south to the refineries of Texas. This pipeline, as it’s name suggests, is ten times the size of a conventional pipeline making it far more risky in the case of an oil spill. The majority of the tar sands carried by Keystone XL will not be used domestically, but rather exported overseas.

The tar sands contain a whopping 22% more carbon dioxide than conventional oil which makes them particularly dangerous in the battle against climate change. Many have likened the approval of the project to being a “carbon bomb” and a “game over for the climate.” Esteemed NASA scientist, Jim Hansen stated “If Obama OKs the Keystone XL, it will exacerbate global warming and put the U.S. on the hook for spills and environmental degradation, all in service to one of the planet’s dirtiest fuels.”

On top of the climate implications, the tar sands are harvested from the boreal forests in Alberta, which is the most intact ecosystem in the world. Tar sands extraction is incredibly water and energy intensive; and causes irreparable damage to the landscape. Approval of the Keystone XL would lead to the destruction of massive swaths of land in this incredibly biodiverse part of the continent. Proponents of Keystone XL claim that millions of jobs will be created as a result, but according to the US State Department it would create only 6,500 temporary construction positions and at most a few hundred permanent jobs. Irreversible damage to the climate, destruction of the boreal forest, and the risk of detrimental oil spills is not worth the approval of the Keystone XL. It is of utmost importance that President Obama and the rest of his administration reject this project.”

– Macy Zander