IDEAS For Us | July 6, 2012

IDEAS becomes ‘Planet Ambassadors’ at Bonnaroo 2012

When the name Bonnaroo gets mentioned a few things come to mind: festival, music, hippies, camping, Tennessee, drugs, funny hats…etc.

What about….. Sustainability?

From June 11th-15th, IDEAS and the Planet Ambassadors and Change Agents teamed up in the “Green Pod” at Bonnaroo to host an abundance of sustainability workshops such as raised bed gardening and put on theater performances to teach the importance of sustainable living on the RUNBus. RUNbus, the famous Powershift 2011 vehicle, is a vegetable oil-powered school bus which folds out into a stage!

IDEAS and the Planet Ambassadors also showcased examples of sustainable living including:  an electric motorcycle ridden for the Guinness Book of World Records longest distance by Terry Hershner, a solar -powered phone charger which concert goers used to power up their devices, a solar oven which used direct sunlight to cook amazing food, and an activities tent which allowed “Bonnaroovians” to interact and create wonderful found art using up-cycled materials. The RunBus stage, also renamed the “HOW Stage” in honor of the many how-to workshops, showcased some great local Floridian music groups such as Laney Jones and The Applebutter Express to entice an endless crowd of music lovers.

Located on a 700 hundred acre farm, Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee is the host of one of the greatest masses of human beings in the nation.  Overnight, Manchester becomes the 7th largest city in Tennessee. Roughly 80,000 campers from around the nation and even from overseas flock to this spot once a year to watch a myriad of big name acts, to experience the atmosphere of a large music festival, to find a sense of community and bonding, and now to learn the benefits of sustainable living for themselves and for Planet Earth. Through amazing teamwork and collective knowledge, IDEAS, the Planet Ambassadors, and Change Agents, put sustainability on the map at Bonnaroo and garnered some much deserved attention, at a place where attention is not so easily attained.

Written by:Dave Polk