IDEAS For Us | April 16, 2015

IDEAS and US Green Chamber Launch Career Development Program


IDEAS For Us and the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce’s Professional Development program, Ignite begins May 2015. But why bother taking a Professional Development course over the summer? It is startling to think that as of last May, the unemployment rate for young college graduates was at 8.5%, compared to 5.5% in 2007. The underemployment rate-meaning, you know, working in the mall or serving tables as opposed to where you passion lies, say in designing solar panels or being a book editor-was at 16.8%, which is over a 7% increase from 2007.

It is up to you to do everything you can to get yourself ahead of the crowd, and to keep out of those unemployed and underemployed rankings. That is where Ignite steps in, and is there for you. Ignite wants to ensure that young professionals and college learners develop the needed leadership, professional, and career skills to not only make the cut, but to excel within their passions.

So what’s so special about the webinar course, Ignite? Well, it isn’t just another Professional Development program. It’s learning how to spark your passion into the career world. How to become the best leader you can be. How to inspire, interact, grow and learn in the professional world, and still get done what YOU want to get done. It’s about making connections and relationships with movers and shakers within the professional world itself. Because it is for you, and you only.

To learn more about Ignite visit: Ignite This
To sign up: Eventbrite: Spark Your Career

-Kristin D. Urban