IDEAS For Us | February 15, 2016

Help Us #BanFracking In Florida

CHRISTINA: How did you get involved in the issue of fracking in Florida?

LISA: I have been concerned about fracking ever since it proliferated in the US around 2009.  When I retired, I was able to devote more time to environmental causes.  After researching fracking and it’s impact, I became even more concerned.  I worked on Eric Rollings’ campaign in 2014, Eric then connected me with “Floridians Against Fracking”.  That is when I really became involved in the efforts to stop the pro-fracking bills and support Sen. Soto’s ban fracking bill (SB 166)

CHRISTINA: What about the issue makes you want to dedicate as much time as you do?

LISA: I am a native Floridian and an Associate Supervisor with the Orange Soil and Water Conservation District. I am extremely concerned about the millions of gallons of water fracking will use.  We are already experiencing salt water intrusion into the aquifer because we are drawing out more than can be replenished.  Not only is it the amount of water used in fracking (millions of gallons), but the risk of a catastrophic accident that would contamination billions of gallons of fresh water in our aquifer.  The chemicals used in the fracking process are toxic and many are carcinogenic.  We can’t run this risk with a resource so vital to the health and safety of Floridians.   

On a personal note, I have a niece and nephew that I love very, very much.  I want them and their decendants to have access to safe drinking water.  I feel a strong responsibility to make sure that fracking does not occur in Florida during my watch.

CHRISTINA: What needs to happen in order for a ban on fracking to happen this year?

LISA: Senators Soto & Bullard have sponsored a bill in the Florida Senate (SB 166) that would ban fracking in Florida.  There is also a bill in the House of Representatives authored by Rep. Jenne (HB 19).  These bills must be granted an opportunity to be heard in the House & Senate Committees.  To date, neither have been considered for a committee hearing. There are two pro-fracking bills submitted (SB 318 & HB 191).  The house approved HB 191 on 1/26/16 by a vote of 72-40.  The Senate Bill (SB 318) has been heard and approved by two committees.  The last committee is Appropriations, chaired by Sen. Tom Lee.  Senator Lee is currently holding the bill in committee until the DEP (who will be responsible for writing and enforcing the fracking rules) is able to appear before the committee to answer questions about fracking in Florida.  

Now, the top priority is to get SB 318 permanently tabled in committee.

How can people who want to be involved help with these efforts?
  • Senator Tom Lee is the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, he decides if the pro-fracking bill (SB 318) is tabled in committee.  Please contact Sen. Lee (phone or handwritten letter) and ask him to permanently table this bill in committee.
Here is his contact information:
Senator Tom Lee

418 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100

(850) 487-5024 
  • Contact your Senator and let them know you are against fracking and why.  Ask them to vote NO on SB 318 if it does reach the floor for a vote.  You can locate the name of your senator via this site ….
  • Join the Facebook pages “Floridians Against Fracking” and “Ban Fracking in Florida”.  They provide the latest information on fracking, statewide efforts, calls to action and education about fracking.
  • Educate yourself on fracking and these bills.  Then spread that information to your family and friends.
  • If you aren’t already, register and VOTE!!!  All 120 members of the House and Senate are up for re-election in November 2016.  We need legislators in Tallahassee that are against fracking.