IDEAS For Us | October 28, 2014

Get to Know Climate Heroes

150224+0700ZClimate Heroes ( is a non-profit media project and an educational essay for the public, which gathers worldwide stories of women and men, citizens, scientists, media and politics or entrepreneurs who have started acting to elevate consciousness about, mitigate, or understand Climate Change. By the positive examples they provide, we are confident that they can inspire the great many to start mitigating climate change with small daily acts, or larger endeavors.

How do you value the human factor, or personal recommendation, advice or word of mouth, call it as you want, in the important times or for the important decisions in your life?

When it comes to simple things that we can do at home, many of us would not know where or how to start, and we frequently wonder how those changes would affect our lifestyles. Yet, we believe that a bottom-up approach is a key component to achieve enough impact on this issue: change will only come from involving everyone. And by showing that anyone can start acting at their own level, by the juxtaposition of all those inspirational stories, we hope to create a universal message that will give each and everyone of us the courage, inspiration and determination to start acting for our climate.


Gathering a team of award-wining professional photographers and directors, Climate Heroes has consistently been looking to shed the light on the deeply human stories of Heroes all over the world, including Indonesia, Thailand, Denmark, Kenya, Canada, France, Ecuador, India, Egypt, Vietnam, and many others. Whether portraying a Buddhist monk protecting his forest against deforestation, former illegal loggers, citizens investing their time and money into renewable energy to create the first 100% renewable energy community, activists, or Public figures (Dr Ivonne Baki, Secretary of State of Ecuador for the Yasuni ITT initiative), scientists and Nobel Laureates (Dr Jean Jouzel, IPCC Vice President) or UN officials (Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP), we want all stories to be told in order to inspire more of us to start acting.

Climate Heroes project, Samso. Erik Andersen, farmerThe Climate Heroes project focuses on solutions and positive examples. In order to further raise awareness about solutions and inspire more to act and mitigate climate change, we are calling for a citizen movement with an interactive map (available at where anyone can come post a photo and story of a Hero they know, to spread the word as widely as possible.

Visit us at, get inspired to act against climate change, and give us a hand in this endeavor, it will be forever appreciated.”

-Maxime Riché
Climate Heroes
Project Founder & Photographer