IDEAS For Us | October 5, 2011

FSU & FAMU Build Coalition to pass Student Green Energy Fund (SGEF)

On October 19thI.D.E.A.S. for FSU, FAMU Green Coalition and FL YES will be hosting the “Tallahassee Coalition Building Workshop” in an effort to unite everyone and empower all to pass the Student Green Energy Fund (SGEF)!

Student Green Energy Fund (SGEF)
is a Florida student-led initiative (started in 2007) with the goal to give students at individual universities the right to vote on and approve a minimal fee to generate large sums of money for campuses to spend on energy efficiency, renewable energy projects and sustainability initiatives. SGEF would allow for campuses to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint, energy bills, and leave a healthier, more energy efficient campus for future students.

This is a critical milestone for a university and for the sustainability movement on campus. If your school has not passed the SGEF, please contact us!

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